Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas cards roundup

My favorite Holiday tradition is sending greeting cards. I love getting them and I love sending them. I feel so happy when I'm looking for "the one", when I'm writing them, putting stamps on them and taking the small stack of envelopes to the post office. So, in case you haven't bought yours yet, here are some of my favorites.
traditional christmas cards

1. Christmas Wreath by Said in Layers
2. Golden Garland by Rifle Paper Co.
3. Holiday Card by Print Stitch & Paste
4. Merry Christmas by Print Stitch & Paste

funny holiday cards

3. Stretchy Pants by Seriously Shannon
4. Santa's Watching by Seriously Shannon
5. Santa Claws by Wit & Whistle
6. Happy Hooolidays by Wit & Whistle


  1. I love Emily McDowel and Rifle!! Fantastic collection, they're lovely!

  2. you always find the prettiest things! i love the print stitch & paste ones!

  3. I love the Santa Claws card. I wish I had time to individually write cards out!