Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Goodbye, little apartment!

As we pack to move to a new apartment next month, I'm feeling very melancholic about leaving this one. As excited as I am about exploring a new neighborhood and having more space (we're moving to a 2 bed!), this was the place we stayed the longer since we moved to the US!

So, I decided to put together in one post my favorite pictures of the apartment. Things always look slightly different from one day to the other over here, because I love moving things around from time to time. ;) The best thing about living in this little apartment? Learning to keep only things that are useful and that I truly love.

This is pretty much the same as posted here, but when I took this picture the rug was being cleaned after Maddox had a little "accident". Also, there's a cover on the couch that didn't last long, because I hated it.

Throughout the 2 years and a half that we stayed in this apartment, the only thing that change on this view was the amount of plants. I'm so bad with them that I managed to kill even some cacti! :(

It took us forever to put this shelf up! And I think this was where things changed the most - I was never happy with it, until I got to this set up.

This wall gallery was above the couch until yesterday, when I started taking it all down. It took me a few attempts to get to this layout, but it was my favorite. (it looks different here)

This is "the bar". It's by the couch, on top of a vintage dresser that I got back in Atlanta. Since I took this picture, I hung this little mirror above it and there are also a few new bottles. ;)

Nothing looks the same anymore, it's just boxes and piles of stuff everywhere you look... And that's the phase that I dislike the most: we're kind of not here anymore, but not there yet. Hopefully, soon we'll be settled in the new place and I'll have pictures of it to share!



  1. I know the feeling :( I took sososo many photos of my little North End abode before I left it (and realized how little I appreciated all its sweet little quirks in the 3 years I was there!!), but just think about how fun it'll be to decorate the new place and what memories you'll make there :)



  2. I love looking at your little place! We've been in our place forever, and it's not nearly as put together as yours! I can't wait to see your new place!

  3. your place was the cutest. can't wait to see what you do with the next one!

  4. I am excited for you! I know Back Bay will miss you, but can't wait to hear more about the new place! :)

  5. such a sweet place and I'm sure you'll bring those same touches to the new place. can't wait to see how you put it all together!