Friday, July 17, 2015

3 things I've been living in summer edition

It's finally HOT here in Boston, and I'm loving it! After the long and hard winter we had, it feels like heaven to be able to wear lightweight clothes and sandals. And that's what I've been living in since it got warmer.

First, the Serena Sandal, from Nisolo. They are super comfortable and pretty! I always feel put together when I'm wearing them.

Next up, the Boyjean, from Madewell. These are pretty much the best pair of jeans for summer time! I LOVE wearing jeans, but when it's hot outside, it can be hard. And that's why I like these so much: they are comfortable and with all the rips, they are not so bad on hot days.

(excuse my almost closed eyes, my contacts were acting up on this day)

Finally, the Sleeveless Dress, from Everlane. It screams summer and it's so flattering. They don't have it in black anymore, but they have it in grey and light denim.


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