Monday, February 2, 2015

Iceland: the Blue Lagoon

[Let's ignore that it took me forever to start writing about our trip to Iceland and jump right into what matters.]

So, what to say about the Blue Lagoon? It's as amazing as it looks in all the pictures I saw on Pinterest and Instagram while researching for our trip. This was our first stop, right out of the plane (the spa is located between the airport and Reykjavik). And it worked out so well- we were super relaxed after a couple of hours soaking in the hot waters of the geothermal spa.

If you don't know anything about the Blue Lagoon, imagine this: milky-blue hot water rich in algae, mineral salts and silica mud, set in a black lava field. It looks like something out of this world.

We don't have tons of pictures from the Blue Lagoon for three reasons: one, we were really into relaxing and enjoying it as much as we could; two, it's all super wet and it was super cold, so we only took our cellphones out to the pool with us and they stayed mostly inside our Sea to Summit Dry Sack; and three, during winter in Iceland, the sun only comes out for a few hours a day and that day, it was just coming out as we were getting ready to leave the spa and head out to Reykjavik.



  1. But still so dreamy! You're definitely moving Iceland up in my list of places to go!

  2. So beautiful! Good for you to just enjoy and relax :)

  3. This is amazing. I want to hear stories! xo

  4. i've always wanted to visit the blue lagoon... and these photos are so beautiful. can't wait for you to share more!

  5. Oh girlfriend. This is so dreamy!!! We are flying through Iceland this fall and now you are making me want to make that layover 2 days longer and actually leave the airport :)