Monday, December 22, 2014

Roll-out sugar cookies (baked by me!)

Remember my plans for the weekend? Here's the result! I have to say, you're probably looking at these pictures and thinking "huh, these cookies don't look so pretty", but I'm quite happy with them. My expectations were low, so I was kind of surprised with how they turned out. Of course I know they are no master piece, but they are not horrible, and that's a victory, right? ;) Also, I had so much fun baking and (trying to) decorate them, that I can say it was a success. They taste really good (although next time I think I'll add more than just a pinch of cinnamon) and the icing is so easy to make! If you're looking for a roll-out sugar cookie recipe to bake for Christmas, I recommend you try this one from Food52.

Click on the links above for the recipes!


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