Monday, December 15, 2014

In the bedroom

As we put things in their places, I've being showing bits and pieces of the apartment here on the blog. In the last few months, we've been working on making the bedroom less Anathalia and more Anathalia&Nelson. He always complained that the bed and the lamp and all the white made it a bit too girly for his taste. So we found a lamp that both of us liked and also bought new bed linens. It's still a work in progress (we can't agree on a bed frame...), but I think just changing the lamps made a big difference. What do you think?

with the old lamp

and with the new lamp



  1. I love the new lamp, but I especially love the flowers next to it! So nice and refreshing :)

  2. it's such a challenge making both people happy - love the new lamp and the photo booth strip, too.

  3. i spy your line a day journal. hope you are enjoying it! xo

  4. Very cute lamp. I think the exercise of uniting two styles can create a new even better one. But I'm kind of a collaboration junkie. : D