Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cut your own flowers

We didn't have big plans for the weekend and when we woke up to a rainy Saturday, we decided to just stay in and catch up with some of our favorite TV shows. The forecast for Sunday was promising and we could enjoy doing things outside the next day. Then, Rachel posted on her Instagram a picture at a farm where you can pick your own flowers! WHAT?! I didn't even know such a place existed, but decided in less than a second that that was where we were going to spend our Sunday.

I'll tell you this: it was like a beautiful beautiful dream! So many colors! I couldn't stop smiling. If there's a heaven, I'll bet this is what it looks like. We filled our bucket with flowers and took so many pictures. Of course, there were also cute animals to be petted, pumpkins to be picked and other fun things, but I was there for the flowers and nothing more! Next year I'm definitely going back while the sunflowers are still there. Here are a few of the pictures we snapped:



  1. So beautiful and DEFINITELY on my list of places to visit!

  2. this... well, this makes me wish we still lived in boston. julian would have LOVED it!