Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIY inspiration - wooden spatula chandelier

My parents in law live in a beautiful house with a big backyard, in which they built a gourmet kitchen and barbecue grill. It's really amazing and I can't believe I have absolutely no pictures of it to show!

Anyway, when I was in Brazil back in June, my mother in law was on the hunt for a ceiling fixture for the outdoor kitchen. She had been to many lighting stores and didn't find anything she liked for the space. On the last weekend I spent there, we went to a crafts fair that happens every Saturday (we love walking around and buying things we don't need...) and she found the perfect fixture:

wooden spatula chandelier DIY

How fun is it? A cake pan with wooden spatulas and silverware hanging from it! It looks easy enough to DIY, don't you think?

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