Friday, April 18, 2014

Afternoon tea in Boston - Boston Public Library

The first time I ever had afternoon tea, with finger sandwiches and delicious pastries, was at the Courtyard Restaurant, at the Boston Public Library. I found out about it by accident: my parents were visiting and I took them to visit the most beautiful library room I have ever been to when we walked by the restaurant windows and saw people at tables with the cutest pastries on tiered trays. It was my birthday that week, so I thought "let's start celebrations right NOW!" ;)

The set up at the Courtyard is clean and modern, the room is beautiful and bright and service is really good. I can say that my first afternoon tea experience really impressed me and got me hooked on afternoon teas!

Now that I have been to a few other places, I can say that this one was not the best afternoon tea I ever had, but it is still pretty good. The food was good and it has advantage of being open during the week (Wednesdays through Fridays), when most other places are not serving tea. I would go back anytime!


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