Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday inspiration and the weekend

It was a beautiful and warm weekend here in Boston and we took advantage of it walking around town and enjoying sandwiches at the park on Saturday. On the way home, we passed by the frozen pond at the Public Garden, and saw people walking on it. In a second, Nelson decided he was walking around too, but I was too scared to do the same. Then, this pin came to my mind. To be honest, I have been doing so many things for the first time since I moved to the USA that this is the thing I can't complain about. But I also have to say, I am not the most adventurous person around, and I don't try things like skydiving or bungee jumping. As a Brazilian, walking on a frozen pond is something very foreign to me. And scary. Very scary. But with all those people walking around (children, women, even a girl in crutches!) I thought it couldn't be that dangerous. So I did. I walked on a frozen pond. For the first time! And it felt good to be (just a tiny bit) adventurous.



  1. aw! i love this picture, that pin, and YOU! <3

  2. you go girl. I've never walked on a frozen pond either but if I had to pick, I'd walk on the swan boat pond, too.

    1. Better safe than sorry, right? Hahaha! It seemed pretty safe.

  3. fui lá comentar no seu blog antigo. eu, esta pessoa eternamente perdida :)