Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY inspiration - spoon wind chime

It may seem like I have a spoon obsession, since I have already shared how to  display old spoons as art and how to use them to make pretty blossom lights. But how could I not share these great ideas?

And so, I came across old spoons wind chimes! How cute are these chimes made by Twisted Metals on Etsy? I love the one the looks like leaves (above), but the fish shaped (below) is also adorable. So whimsical!


  1. I love these projects, now I need the spoons! :)
    Best regards from Barcelona,

  2. These look like something one might have to pay through the nose for at Tiffany or Cartier.
    Yet they are made out of items most people would sell for pennies at a yard sale.
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. It just occurred to me, one could use old spoons to make coat hooks.
    Just drill two holes in the spoon, bend to the appropriate shape, then screw it into the wall.

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