Monday, December 23, 2013

Recipe: The perfect chocolate chip cookie

Last week, myself and a few friends went to a dinner organized by the lovely Elizabeth (blogpost to come!) and to end the night perfectly, she gave each of us a lovely package filled with chocolates and cookies she baked herself. They were one of the best cookies I ever had. Seriously. So soft and yummy and perfect. The perfect chocolate chip cookie. So perfect I wanted more. I decided I had to try baking them myself! As I mentioned before, I am far from being a cook or a baker (or anything else kitchen related for that matter…), but I have been making some progress and trying new and more complicated things. And by more complicated I mean "with more than three ingredients". Ha! But back to the cookies. I baked them yesterday afternoon and they filled the apartment with that delicious cookie smell. And just like magic, it felt like Christmas over here! Santa would love to find these cookies waiting for him! ;)


  1. that setup looks perfect - i may have to try those out. though i doubt they will stick around long enough for santa...

  2. Smell of cookies in the house, that cozy!
    Happy Holidays, Anathalia!