Monday, December 2, 2013

(A personal) Monday inspiration

I couldn't do it, but I did it anyway! And here is what I did: I painted on canvas for the first time ever! And this post is about how it happened.

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Smita, Alaina, me and Chelsea. Photo by a fellow painter.

The idea of art as entertainment is big in the South, and being a former Atlanta resident, I heard a lot  about it before moving to Boston. So when Smita had the idea of having a ladies night at the recently opened The Paint Bar I jumped right in, only later realizing I had never done it before. Ugh! I confess I was nervous just thinking about doing something I new to me in front of so many people. But once I got there, it was all fun and no worries!

White canvases and brushes waiting for us!

Smita setting up.

So many colors! I was in love with my super stained apron. Photo by Smita.

Ready to start!

The evolution of my painting.

So many brushes!

The Paint Bar is such in inspiring place!

When they say that The Paint Bar is fun for the absolute beginner they are not lying! They give you step by step instructions that are easy to follow. And the instructors make it all so fun! The atmosphere is great, there is music, there are drinks and great people to meet. My painting is far (so so far, reeeaaally really far) from being a master piece, but we had a blast and I tried something new to me. It was such a great night, in great company. You should definitely try it sometime!

Thank you The Paint Bar for having us and my dear friend Smita for organizing our super fun night!

All image by SCAVENGENIUS unless otherwise noted.


  1. great pictures - the one of you in your apron was is adorable! and your painting looked so lovely you'd never know you hadn't painted before.

  2. Yours is my favorite! I think it's so pretty!!

  3. Wasn't it so much fun? I can't wait to go again! Where's your painting, did you hang it up?