Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There is no place like home - Series: Vintage I own

wind mill, holland, netherlands, village, sky

It has been a while since I last posted any of the vintage items I own. Then this week, hanging the little framed tile below on what I hope will one day be a gallery wall, made me want to share it with you.

My grandma had this tile on her porch for what seems like forever. I remember looking at it and wanting to live in that place. I would imagine myself walking on those dirt paths, or boating on that river. Sometimes I would think it was sunset and sometimes it seemed to me it was just before a storm. Today, looking back, I think it would depend on my mood that day. I think you can't tell from the blog, but I am quite moody, and I think I have always been.

But most days, I would be bothered by the sentence (in Portuguese) written at the top: "There is no place like home". I questioned why someone spoiled my village. And with such bad lettering! Today, many years later, and being away from what I called home for 26 years, from my family and childhood friends, I can really appreciate the meaning of that sentence and I came to the conclusion it really completes the image of my village.

wind mill, holland, netherlands, village, sky, tile, framed tile, there is no place like home, o mundo todo nao vale meu law

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  1. i love that you have the tile framed like that - how lovely. it's a beautiful image.

  2. Very sweet, and nice that you put it up on your gallery wall. Very true how the longer you look at it, it could be a stormy day or a sunset. I'm moody too haha!