Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pretty pretty finds - for the dog

Now that we have a dog, I find myself debating whether to choose practicality or beauty when it comes to dog gear. It wasn't easy to find a dog bed that wasn't bulky, ugly and clashed with our decor. We live in a loft style apartment, so, unless we put the dog bed in the bedroom, it would be visible from anywhere in the house. After some wrong choices, mostly related to poor product quality, we ended up finding one that looked comfy for the puppy, had the right size and with a nice clean look.

Currently, we are on the look for new dog bowls, and browsing online, I found ModPet on Etsy. I just love the Mid Century Modern look of their bowls! Since it is raised, I think the dog won't make such a mess when he drinks water. The green one will go nicely with the details of the dog bed and it certainly won't make our house ugly! I think we have a winner!

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  1. These bowls are great! So sleek and modern. And did you see those beds! I wish they were people sized :)

  2. Oh wow! These dog bowls are great! My Ralphie is actually in need of a new one and this might just do the job. Thanks for sharing. :)