Thursday, May 24, 2012

My 1st furniture painting adventure

After many months of looking for the perfect nightstand (and not finding it and hating what I had as nightstand...) I decided to get some inspiration from so many DYIs on the internet and rack an Ikea RAST drawer chest. I pinned things like this and this, but decided to keep it simple since I had never painted any piece of furniture before. So here are the before and after:

It's not a huge change, but I'm happy with it. I have now more storage, my table lamp is in a good hight for reading and I got rid of the weird old nightstand.

To paint it, I used an oil-based primer, a latex paint with a semi-gloss finish and a water-based polycrylic. I also bought some cute knobs at Hobby Lobby for $3.99, and this is the end result. Here is a closer picture:

Pretty good for a first timer, isn't it? ;)

All pictures by SCAVENGENIUS

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  1. I LOVE white! This is fabulous!

  2. I think your first painting job turned out perfect! I also love your bedframe - it looks fabulous!

  3. This is gorgeous! I love small scale furniture and love this little chest of drawers. Great job.

  4. Love that little touch of green on the dresser! It turned out beautifully!!


  5. Perfect idea to have a small chest for storage~my night table looks like things are falling out :) Great job!

  6. Who wouldn't want to sleep in this room?! Great project - fabulous outcome!

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